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All photographs of Transport Co. W H Williams of Spennymoor, reproduced by kind permission of Carl Williams.



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This site is dedicated to vintage trucks and their companies. Each category where possible contains a brief history of the company and photographs of it´s products over the years.

This site is a non profit making site and is ran as an historical, informative site of trucks of the past and their companies.



It is not my intention to infringe on anyones copyright as this site is a non profit making and information only site. Where possible I have tried to obtain permission to display the images on this website. If you feel I have infringed your copyright please email me and advise me of the image and please supply your copyright reference for each image and the address of your copyright provider so that I can verify your claim. Once verified I will remove any offending image immediately. Where the copyright holder is unknown I have placed my own copyright logo over the image to stop any unorthorised copying.